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Hey! So Glad You're Here.




The real reason I created this blog is that my memory is crap. So crap I forgot what I had for lunch. Lunch was 2 hours ago.

Besides my lack of memory, you need to know about me that I love to read a lot about miscellaneous topics, going from psychology to marketing, from business to science.

However most of the knowledge never really sticks. Maybe 5%.

With the idea of hacking my mind, I discovered that by teaching others what you learn it is easier to remember it. To that, I added a touch of simplicity, because we all are busy and why making things harder than they are.

Simple things are the best ones, we all know that.

That is why all my posts have less than 250 words and can be read in under 2/3 minutes.

To make it more professional, I discovered that out of the 60/80 thousands of daily thoughts that we have, apparently, 95% are repetitive, which means they are the exact same as yesterday.

I am proud enough to hope to give you a new one every now and then.

Thank you for reading what I write, I hope your world is colorful and wonderful.

I am deeply grateful to have had a few minutes of your time! Reach out to me for anything, I love people sliding in my DMs and email.

These are my 250 words about me. How cool is that?

Keep the online learning up!



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