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Hacking your Happiness with Physiology.

How to control your hormones and chemicals and create your happiness as if you were in a science lab.

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Every human being at a certain point in his life starts wondering how to reach happiness.

The problem?

What exactly is "happiness'?

What if I told you that happiness is no more than a bunch of chemicals and hormones showing up at the right time in your body?

I am talking about these four agents:

  1. Dopamine = the Reward chemical

  2. Oxytocin = the Love hormone

  3. Endorphin = the Pain killer

  4. Serotonin = the Mood stabilizer

They are responsible for excitement, pleasure, mood regulation, love, ...

The cool thing? You can have your body producing this chemicals through different activities, consequently you can "plan" your dose of happiness throughout the day.

  1. Dopamine comes from: eating good food, completing a task, celebrating small wins and self-care routines.

  2. Oxytocin is produced when socializing or playing with animals or kids, physical touch like holding hands or hugging someone and giving compliments or helping someone.

  3. Endorphin runs in your body when you exercise, when you laugh watching something funny or from dark chocolate (yay!)

  4. Serotonin comes from walking in nature and being in the sunlight, running, swimming or cycling and meditation.

So why not spreading these activities around your days?

You could run your dog in nature and play with him and you would get high on all of the above!

By knowing more about how your body works you gain control over your happiness and you can recreate it yourself.

No more sad days ahead!

Stay curious, Mindset Lab. Family!

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