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The Danger of Being in "No Man's Land"

We all have probably been to this place without knowing it. Learn what it is and how to avoid it.

Reading time: 2 minutes

The best way to clarify the mediocre world of the "No Man's Land" concept is by describing the feeling that it represents.

Are you familiar with being not really happy about a situation, but also not unhappy enough to do something about it?

It might be your job or your relationship, but no one is immune.

Unfortunately, this imaginative piece of land is where passion, hopes, and dreams die.

You want to avoid it at all costs.

As usual, you choose how to react if you randomly happen to walk through it in a moment in your life. Will you enjoy the comfort and stay forever? Will you play the victim and complain without acting?

Or will you be the hero of your story by taking control of your life and fight against it right away?

Try to remember that things can happen to you or for you.

Some easy ways to stay away from "No Man's Land" are:

  1. Always have a clear purpose for your life in mind, it will help you realize how far you are from an extraordinary life.

  2. Practice gratitude. For example: thank the money for having paid its service and release it with good intention, or try to connect positive emotions to something negative in your head and switch the perspective completely.

  3. Don't be too accessible. You don't want stress to be your best friend. Connect but do not be 24/7 available, pour into yourself first.

  4. Find a buddy for the journey out!

Stay curious, Mindset Lab. Family!

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