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Would You Ever Try To Stop A Hurricane?

We can control only a certain amount of things in life, discover which ones and the Hurricane Rule.

Reading time: 1 minute

Imagine being in this situation: you are having a walk around your neighborhood and dark clouds start appearing at the horizon while the wind starts blowing. You recognize the signs of a hurricane. What would you do? Would you run and find protection or would you try to stop the hurricane?

Obviously, the first one. It is the only logical and smart thing to do.

However, the trouble starts when you don't apply the same logic to normal life situations.

The Hurricane Rule states:

Don't go after something you can't change, but act upon what you have the power to control.

What are the things you can control? Your emotions, judgments, creativity, attitude, perspectives, desires, decisions,...

This is your playing field, where you are the one in charge.

What are the things you can't control? The economy, other people's feelings and decisions, the weather, the trends,...

In these situations, we normally chase a unicorn: to think that we can change things that are simply not ours to change.

Your boss didn't give you the raise you expected? You can't change his mind for now, but you can work harder to get it next time (or change the job if the boss is the problem).

So, next time something happens, just ask yourself these two simple questions,

Is it up to me?
Can I do something about it?

Stay curious, Mindset Lab. Family!

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